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Be a  Senior Model Representative


What is a senior model representative?

You're in a sense, my presence at your school. You'll be required with helping to market my studio to your peers andBe a Senior Model Representative at your school! recruiting them to book me for their senior photos! I usually like to have two to three Senior Model Reps per school.

What am I looking for in a senior model?

I am looking for the fun, outgoing Senior that is up for anything, meaning they should be willing to try new poses in different locations, be adventurous, creative and open to the camera lens. Let's be honest, most people hate having their photo taken, which all the more reason the senior model should bring their individual style and flair to a photo shoot and willing to be supermodels for a day and just have fun. I need someone who's willing to go out of their way to promote my business and be excited about their pictures!

What do you get out of it?


Basically, the more Seniors that book with me the more you get...You'll be rewarded as payment for a job well done.

Why a deposit you ask?  I require a session deposit to simply pay for my time and  skills as a photographer and it will be applied to the balance of your chosen portrait collection.

More info can be read here.

Here's how it works....


FOR EACH referral to my studio who books their summer session, holds their session, and completes their portrait ordering, you will receive a $40.00 credit towards your own Senior Portrait Collection OR two sheet of (8) wallets. You can spend your portrait credits any way you like; your chosen Portrait Collection value must be greater than collective referral credits. So, if you refer 10 seniors and they complete their portrait collection order, you'll receive $400.00 in free portrait credits Or 160 FREE WALLETS, that's 20 sheets! Once you reach 5 referrals, you get to keep your Brag Book! HOW COOL IS THAT? (valid one card per senior, per session)

The friends you refer will also benefit from you being the coolest model in town and referring them to ProPoint Media Photography Studio because they will receive $40.00 off their own Session Deposit!

  • All models will receive a one hour Model Rep. Session w/3-4 of your favorite outfits (you'll also do a full session in the Summer In-Studio or On-Location) at ProPoint Media Portrait Studio on 224 S. Main St. in Seneca, PA and will be completed no later than April 15th...but the earlier in the year, the better! I only select a limited number of models to represent each school.

  • You're not required to purchase any images from the model session if you wish not to but the opportunity will definitely be available to you. You WILL RECEIVE 3-4 FaceBook images plus a COOL IMAGE BRAG BOOK & 50 Designer rep cards that you will use to show-off and promote our studio while passing out to your friends!!'re not restricted to just your school, we encourage you to contact your friends at rival schools in the area throughout the Summer and Fall leading up to the start of your Senior year.

  • By being a ProPoint Media Photography Studio Senior Model Representative you're required to schedule and prepay your 2.5 Hour Summer Senior Photography session at the time of scheduling your Model Rep. Session with ProPoint Media Photography Studio. You'll also save $40.00 off the normal session deposit price of $160.00, which is included in your portrait collection total.


Apply Now to be a Senior Model Representative

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